Moondrop Blessing 2


1 Diaphragm Dynamic, 4 Balanced Armature


301,99 329,99 

Blessing 2 utilizes 1 electrodynamic driver and 4 Balanced Armature drivers. Through hybrid 3-way crossover, the Blessing 2 presents a typical Moondrop flavor: deep lows, precise mids, sweet treble.
Targeting the VDSF Response, 2 Knowles SWFK serial BA keep the extension of high ends, while one paper Diaphragm of 10 mm diameter electrodynamic driver maintains the deep and energetic response of low end. By further introducing 2 customized BA made by Softear the mid-range has been enhanced while smoothly transit to treble and lows by RC Filter network.

The physical bandpass and lowpass are achieved through several internal ducts, which are 3D-printed and requires extreme precision. Thanks to the cooperation of Moondrop and Heygears, by using DLP-3D Technology, which minimizes the deviation during production, a robust yet highly complicated internal structure can be realized.

The stainless steel cover of Blessing 2 is produced through CNC milling, combined with the transparent body, the Blessing 2 presents its own aesthetic of minimalism. With Logo on one side, the other piece of cover is left blank by default, which allows the users to put their own ideas on it by e.g. laser engraving.

Weight 0.5 kg


Driver Unit

Treble Unit

Knowles SWFK

Midrange Unit

Softears D-MID-A

Bass Unit

10mm Paper Cone Diaphragm Coil

Frequency Response

Effective Frequency Response



Shell Material

3D Print Medical Resin


1.2 m Cabel, detachble 0.78mm 2 pin connector to earphone, 3.5 mm jack stereo to player

Coupling and Wearing

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