Moondrop Starfield


Delicate & Mellow. like the starry starry night    


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The starry sky paint technology

Thanks to the special painting tech of Moondrop, the “Starry Sky” painting of Starfield sparkles under lights, gradients colors to different angles.

Stars hides in the earphone cable

The 24AWG Litz structure 4N purity OFC cable ensures rich sound details and full dynamics. The pearlescent powder cover extends the starry sky also on the cable, sparkling with the changing light

Super-sequential carbon nanotube diaphragm

SuSuper-sequential carbon nanotube array is a cutting-edge micro material that can be manufactured into structures at the macro-level.
The Starfield’s diaphragm is a composite of carbon nanotube array warp and weft knitted on a polymer film. This 6 microns (0.006 mm) thick diaphragm is highly rigid, highly robust yet extremely light, therefore can provide clear, detailed, and smooth treble.

Double-cavity structure of brass-plated inner cavity

To control the air damping of the diaphragm, five depressure holes are constructed in the basin frame of the brass-plated inner cavity. With improved energy balance of frequency band, the smooth tri-band transition has been achieved.

Lightweight and high performance transducing structure

The high performance transducing structure (neodymium magnets + Daikoku’s CCAW voice coils ) offers excellent transient response and dynamic range, promising the reproduction of high resolution and dynamic sound.

Frequency Response
A combination of Balance and musicality

Based on our yearlong experience on R&D of dynamic earphones, Starfield offers outstanding acoustic performance: excellent bandwidth and ultra-low full-frequency distortion.
Despite the inheritance of the balanced three-frequency distribution of KXXS, Starfield produces a softer and warmer sound by implementing different materials. Unlike the sharp, wide, accurate sound field and super clear analysis of KXXS, Starfield sounds more loose, delicate, soft, stretching while maintains an excellent quality, achieving a delicate harmony between balance and musicality.

High extensibility and playability

Starfield continues to adopt the 0.78mm 2 pin socket, offering extensibility and playability to the earphones.
To upgrade the standard cables, there are plenty of possibilities from Moondrop as well as from other third-party manufacturers.
For a wireless experience, we recommend our Bluetooth extension: “Little black”. By simply changing the standard cable into Bluetooth extension, the Starfield can be used wirelessly with the same excellent sound quality.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 9.3 × 4 cm


Driver Unit

Frequency Response

Effective Frequency Response

Coupling and Wearing


Cabel with 3.5 mm Jack, detachable



Diaphragm Material

Transducer Diameter

Cable Material

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